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Immanuel Anglican Church

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

What an amazing time to be a part of the life and ministry of Immanuel Anglican Church in Destin, Florida! In faith we are beginning a new chapter in our ministry. In order to carry out the vision and mission that God has given us and to be wise stewards in planning for the future, we recognize the need to replace our aging portable buildings with permanent facilities. To meet that need, we are embarking on a Capital Funds Campaign to provide the necessary financial resources for our ministry expansion.

The Immanuel Capital Funds Campaign is about more than just eliminating our current mortgage or building new facilities -- it is about faithfully building upon our foundation for our future. This campaign is about growth in His grace! Our ultimate focus is embodied by our campaign theme:

Our Faith...

is in Jesus Christ, the One Lord and Savior. Symbolized by the Compass Rose, our faith is summarized by the Nicene Creed, under the authority of the Word of God, fed and grown in grace through the Sacraments, and Episcopal in structure.

Our Foundation...

is the tremendous heritage and history we have as an Anglican church in Destin. Symbolized by an anchor, this historical foundation informs who we are and provides a firm foundation upon which our present lies and our future can be built.

Our Future...

is symbolized by a sailboat with full sails, being pushed forward by the wind of the Spirit. Our future is that which God has before us. As we accomplish the necessary funding, we will be free from our current debt, with new permanent facilities in which we may worship God and from which we may launch out as His people to reach and bless our community.

The Faith, Foundation, Future 3-year Capital Funds Campaign has a goal of a minimum of $800,000 so we can eliminate our current mortgage debt and allocate finances to begin construction planning. We’ve already made significant progress on debt reduction and visioning for our new facilities! The full financial goals for completion of the new Sanctuary/ministries facility are outlined below. All funds raised over and above retiring our mortgage will be specifically designated to a dedicated Building Fund and used only for that purpose. Our ultimate goal is to build for God’s glory with as little debt as possible. The time needed to complete Phase 1 construction of a permanent Sanctuary will proceed in direct proportion to the funding raised over and above debt repayment. I invite you to join us in prayer throughout this entire endeavor. Our Campaign Prayer is shown below to help guide you.

In Jesus’ Grace,

Caleb A. Miller, Rector

Our Vision

Raising capital funds for Immanuel Anglican Church is based on our ministry vision to:

  • Repay – Completely pay off the existing mortgage on our land and current portable buildings.
  • Construct Phase 1 – Build a new permanent facility that includes both worship and ministries space.
  • Re-purpose – The existing Sanctuary building for Children and Youth ministries.
  • Construct Phase 2 – Plan and build new permanent ministry space for Noah’s Ark, Children and Youth ministries.

Our Progress to Date & Funding Needs


With God’s grace and the stewardship of our congregation we have already made significant progress! The original debt on our 9.6 acres and current buildings was $1,051,502 at 5.25% interest. Through regular payments, pre-payment of principal and re-structuring our note to 4.75%, our remaining balance is $645,000 as of September 2016.

CONSTRUCTION PHASE 1 - FUNDING NEED: $1,500,000 ($1.5 million)

Through a series of meetings, a survey, discussions and prayer in 2015 and 2016 – the congregation and leadership decided to begin a Building Campaign. Preliminary conceptual renderings were developed for Phase 1 construction of a Sanctuary building that:

  • Includes worship space to seat up to 420 on main floor and 104 in a loft.
  • Includes dedicated spaces for: adult or youth education/Sunday School, sacristy, music ministry, clergy vesting and ministry, lay ministry vesting, infant cry room or nursery, fellowship lobby and restrooms.
  • Allows for future flexibility/growth -- expansion capacity incorporated into the design footprint.

Campaign Prayer

While funds are needed for the necessary debt reduction and Phase 1 construction – our 3-Year Capital Funds initiative is primarily a spiritual matter. We must continue praying for God’s direction and assistance. We cannot do this in our own strength. We need supernatural intervention that only God can provide. Please join with us in daily prayer for the Father’s guidance and grace.

Almighty God, We give thanks and praise for all Your great gifts to us. You have called us to be Your people and to share the Gospel of Christ with others. Fill us with Your Holy Spirit that we may be empowered to share in the work of Your Kingdom. We ask You to grant us the gift of generous and sacrificial giving so that Your people, trusting and believing in You, may boldly take the step of faith which will enable us to continue to grow in our ministry of worship, witness, and service. Give us the courage to give to You as You have given to us. We pray this in the Name of Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amen